Friday, July 2, 2010

The last i posted was exactly one month ago. Why the gap? Lack of inspiration I guess.

A lot has happened in the last month. My life changed in ways you would not begin to imagine. A whole new chapter of my life is beginning.

I'm gonna stop blogging permanently. But this blog will remain open. A way for me to remind myself how fast life can change in just the blink of an eye. It was nice blogging. And to those who kept track of my posts, thank you. =)


I changed

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When you compare a current picture of yourself, and a picture when you were, say 8 or 9 years old, there's definitely a difference, but there's also a slight similarity right? As in, if anyone were to see the picture, they would be able to guess it's you. Not with me though. I recently compared my pictures, and the difference is shocking. It's like I transformed my face completely.

This was me about 10 years back. Please bear with the horrible photo quality. I had to use my phone to snap the pictures. Now you can either compare this picture to the photo on the side, OR


You can compare it with this. Totally different my goodness. It's like I transformed or something. haha

better late than never

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I finally had my first driving class today! 3 hours of driving. SO FUN! Except for the fact that the engine died I think about a hundred times today heh.

I thought that this whole 3 hours I will just be driving around the housing area, and he'll get me used to controlling the wheel, the gear and the clutch. But! He asked me to drive onto the main road! I was sooo scared my goodness there were so many cars. I wouldn't be surprised if half of them were cursing cos I was driving between 30-40 km/h. Too bad for them lah hehe :)

We drove all the way to Subang Heights. But now if you were to ask me how to get there I will straight tell you I don't know haha! I was so nervous, so I didn't really pay attention much to which junction I was taking, I didn't look out for landmarks either. All I know is, when the instructor told me to turn left, I turned left. If he told me to turn right, I turned right. Simple. I like Subang Heights. The road is so empty! Every 5 minutes or so a car will pass by, and then the road remains empty for the next 5 minutes. So nice!

And, now I know why people say the slope is the hardest part of the test. Have to balance the clutch, the brake, and the accelerator. Every time, it's either I released the clutch too much, or too little. And then of course, enjin mati. So many times I tell you! Towards the end I started to get the feel of things, but I definitely still need a lot of practice.

So now my only problem is the balancing. Controlling the wheel and changing the gear is super easy! I could do with a little improvement when making a U-turn, but otherwise, according to my instructor, I did pretty well for someone who's not drove before :D
HA! I'll be such an awesome driver haha!


Monday, May 17, 2010

No more sweeping wooden floors
No more taking orders
No more keying in orders
No more setting cutlery for customers
No more checking ash-trays ( I honestly think I used to hear my manager shout ' CHECK THE ASH-TRAYS! at least 10 times a day )
No more running into the kitchen saying ' OI! HOW LONG MORE LAH THE FOOD! '
No more carrying trays full of glasses
Oh and the best part, no more dealing with ridiculous 'special requests' by extremely fussy customers. :D

My 'souvenir' hahaha!

I'm sick of falling sick

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm sick. Again. Honestly, it's no fun anymore. It never was, it's just more miserable now. I want to heal once and for all.

My last day at Dome is near! 15th May, I look forward to the day. Hehe. Yes it's been fun, yes I gained a lot of experience, met a lot of people ( including JJ from Hitz! He's a regular ;) )
But I'm tired. SOOO tired.

So now I'll have more time to catch up. I know a lot of you aren't too pleased cos I haven't had the time to keep in touch at all. Haven't been coming online much, haven't been calling any of you, haven't been going out. I'm so sorry, once I'm done with work we'll start planning ok. :)

And this blog needs to have a make-over. A new look and better posts. All in good time.

Oh one last thing, I am officially a student of Sunway University College. ACCA, here I come.

I wonder

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is full of what-ifs. For every single action you take, for every single decision you make, there are a whole bunch of what-ifs you could ask yourself. What if I did it this way? What if I had not done it? What if I hadn't made that decision? And the list goes on.

I have always been thought to not ponder too much on what-ifs. Mainly because what's been done has been done. No point wondering what would have happened if you did things differently. But I can't help it.

There have been times where I plan something with so much accuracy you could call it a close-to-perfect plan ( nothing's perfect right?). See I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to planning stuff. Whether it's something as simple as who's fetching who, or something as big as where my life is headed. I can never rest easy if there's no plan. BUT! something always goes wrong at the last minute. ALWAYS. And the whole plan just gets screwed up. And I'm forced to make new decisions on the spot. And you find yourself going in a whole other direction.

And then I start to wonder what more life has in store for me. See the thing is, up till now, everything I have done has been based on last minute decisions. My original plan was to do my A-Levels at Sunway. But at the very last minute the plan changed. I ended up studying at INTI. And I'm soo glad I ended up at INTI, cos I made friends with a bunch of awesome people.
Then there's DOME. My original plan was to work at Coffee Bean. It just so happened that just after filling up the request form at CB, my mum walked past DOME and noticed a sign saying they needed part-time/full-time waiters. No regrets here :)

Makes me wonder what life would be like if my mum hadn't noticed the sign.........

Alice in wonderland

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally got the chance to go out today. With my dear and my darling! :D

Dear, Darling, Me

I haven't had this much fun in ages. We didn't go anywhere special. But I laughed so much I think I might have strained my voice a little bit. NO complains here though :)

Watched Alice in Wonderland.

Overall I think it was a good movie. There were a few flaws. For instance, the Hatter was EXACTLY like Captain Jack Sparrow. I know that's the style he's famous for now, but there's no reason he should talk and walk exactly the same. He COULD have been a bit crazier. And the tea party scene was disappointing. There were not enough flying teacups. Haha. And when the queen said " Off with his head!" ,isn't it supposed to be all high-pitched and shrill??

But other than that the movie was good. :D